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Being the Buddha Seeing the Dhamma

40 minute guided meditation followed by a Dhamma talk on The Four Noble truths

Peaceful Lake View

Cultivating Well Being

on the Path

A mostly silent

40 minute

meditation session

with Dhamma talk

Opening the heart to all experience,

with kindness

Sunset Buddha Statue

Opening to


Timeless Dhamma

40 minute guided meditation, and Dhamma talk,

Investigating the Five Khandhas, 'five heaps', that constitute the world of experience.

Investigating the Buddha's Teachings on Mind Seeing Mind

On the Cittanupassana

section of Satipatthana Sutta

Turning the Wheel of Dhamma

Exploring Dependent Co-Arising

How to relate to feelings in order to experience freedom from suffering


Investigating Feelings

Guided and silent meditation for 40 mins, followed by Dhamma talk on Vedananupassana, developing insight into feelings

The Cycle of Life and Death

The Buddha's encouragement to contemplate the cycle of birth and death in all its aspects.

Investigating the Body

Guided meditation and talk on the 31 body parts contemplation, for the development of dispassion


Mindfulness in all postures

and activities


Wise Attention

Working with afflictive emotions 

Temple Candles

Dealing with Reactivity


Exploring the Source of Suffering

Letting Go

of imagination


mental proliferation


How to Recognise

the Foolish and the Wise

Balapandita Sutta MN129

Novice Monks Lighting Candles

Making Peace

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