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Ever changing Camino

Entering into second half of el Camino del Norte, the body is ready to walk each day. There's a level of fitness that feels like being young again.

I'm grateful for the many churches every day. These are such havens for the monastic camper and islands of tranquillity along the Way.

Walking through the town of Villaviciosa yesterday, a peaceful sit in the beautiful old church, Eglesia de Santa Maria de la Oliva, contrasted with the bustling energy and diversity of the town. It felt good to walk out of town, along the river and away, and return to the simplicity of nature.

For me, el Camino is above all a walking meditation practice. Seeing the scenes flowing by, getting to observe all the manifestations of life along the Way. How they are revealing anicca, anatta, dukkha in every moment.

The intention is for every step to be an offering for peace, for kindness and well being for all. This is not difficult when all of nature seems to me to be dancing with joy. It is truth. It is beauty. It is a gift of abundance.

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