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From coast to farming valleys to forested hills

The pilgrimage/tudong begins to flow. This Camino is so supportive of simplicity - with hostels, camping places, water taps and toilets offered for the pilgrims and at every turn, the yellow arrows pointing the Way. 

From the cool breezes and beaches of the coast to the green springtime farming valleys with their wild flowers and huge farmsteads to the high hills of eucalyptus, pine, and fresh leaves oaks and birches . . . The path winds on in the form of gravel tracks, ancient stone ways, muddy trails,  narrow footpaths. 

The days flow together and time is measured by the sun. Cold mornings and hot afternoons. Sleeping under taverna eaves, in our tents, in bunk beds in shared hostel spaces, with new friends in their town apartment . . . No two nights the same, the only constant the ever changing Way and all it brings, it's blessings, the energy of pilgrimage, of letting go of all but this momentary experience. 

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