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The Camino wends it way along country lanes, up hills topped with heather and huge wind turbines, across ancient stone bridges, past many a Christian shrine, small chapels, great old churches and yesterday the baroque glory of the cathedral of Mondoñedo.

There are the horreos, grain storage barns on stilts in every village in Galician style, small and with pointed roofs - cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, geese and cockerels, countless birds and flies, crickets, ants, slugs and snails on the wet roads.

Today we had thunder and lightening and showers, with black skies and beams of sunlight filtering through. From spring to the lush early summer heat and humidity, the Camino opens into nature at every turn, including the human creations of house, street and town, factory and farm.

All revealing the characteristics of change, of the connectedness of all things - of Dhamma, the way it is.

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