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Monastic family

I have been so blessed these last few days, with the great company of Ayyā Anopama and with encounters with monastic Sangha here on el Camino. We have been walking a sacred stretch of the north coast of Spain, visiting Cistercian Brothers in their beautiful monastery in Cobreces and our most Venerable Discalced Carmelite Sisters at La Iglesia. Both communities warmly welcomed us, fed us and sheltered us with such love and kindness we felt like we were having family reunions, meeting good old friends, at home.

Attending the services, sitting in resonant silence in the sacred spaces and receiving the blessings of the Holy lives being offered in these places has lifted us and refreshed us. Huge gratitude and love for Sangha. Thanks be to God, the Way of practice, our shared life of opening to the Dhamma🙏🏾

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