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Sacred Spaces

So many sacred places on the Camino, which is really a path from church to church . . . to shrine, to hermitage, cathedral, monastery . . . tree Temple, well, memorial, fountain . . .

And, joining the dots of each human-made holy place, the realisation starts to dawn . . . that the human heart is creating sacred spaces out of that which nature offers freely and always.

That the entire Way is sacred. Every stone, flower, field, cloud, every breath, step, surge of emotion, thought . . .

How is it to recognise the holiness in all things? The wholeness.

What does it take? Perhaps simply a willingness to be present, to be open to the moment. To let go of leaning into the future or the past.

We have the choice to live in the glory, the Kingdom, to know the holiness here and now. Or we can turn away from the brightness and beauty and joy of it all and distract into the sense of control, personal agenda, past, future, anywhere but Here.

What to choose? Now? And now?

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