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The beautiful Camino

I am writing from a peaceful room in a small hamlet, Rioseco de Guriezo, between Bilbao and Santander in northern Spain. 

The Camino is a treasure, offering pilgrimage to all. The route is marked all the way with yellow arrows and encouraging signposts and occasional information boards. Local people greet the backpacking pilgrims with a "Buen Camino" and a smile. 

The routine is one of of getting up early, packing the gear and walking to a place for alms round, collecting and sharing the food, then resting and drying out damp tents, sleeping bags and clothes . .  Then onward in the afternoon till late evening, when the Way is quiet, until dusk, when it's time to pitch the tent again in a quiet spot. 

Thanks to so many generous donations received, every few days there's a night in a bed to rest and replenish before setting off again.

The days in nature, day after day, are soothing and peaceful, naturally opening the heart and mind to the Dhamma that is all around and within us.

One step at a time.

This breath.

Simple awareness can appreciate every emotion, thought and feeling as it is and allow reality to flow without hindrance. 

It blesses all beings every step of the Way, sees the beauty abounding, offers peace and well being for all.

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