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The Origin

There is a Camino called A Orixe, which starts on the far west coast of Spain.

It is the pilgrimage route that follows the journey of the body of St James the Apostle of Christ, or Santiago the Apostle, after his martyrdom in Jerusalem to his final resting place in Santiago de Compostela.

It's starting point on the coast begins amongst the rocky beaches and cliffs of west coast Spain, where there is now a only a desolate, disused lighthouse and a few decaying outbuildings. Seagulls sail the winds and swoop to catch fish. The wind blows wildly and whistles around the ruins.

The path, a simple grassy track, follows the coast to the tiny port of Corrubedo, and on to Ribeira harbour town, where mussel beds are farmed, large sea vessels come and go and there is an abundance of tiny rock and sand, seaweed strewn beaches.

It feels like the end of the Earth.

Walking A Orixe is a very different experience to the longer and more well known Camino routes. It is peaceful. It is a reminder of the immanence of death, of endings and of beginnings.

It feels good to conclude my time in Spain here. Reflecting on life and death, arisings and passings, the nature of all things.

St James lived long ago, knew Christ and devoted his life to helping others to hear the Dhamma and practise to free their hearts from suffering, separation, alienation from the Dhamma.

Coming away, the aspiration to appreciate and to follow his example is an abiding blessing of the Camino.

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