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The Sea

The Camino is soon turning from the coast, south to Santiago. Last days now of beaches, rocky islands, crashing waves and gentle inlets.

Many pilgrims choose to walk alone in silence. Me too. To be able to watch the mind reflecting the Way, learn the lessons of nature.

The sea has been my teacher all my life. Since I can remember, as a family we either lived on the beach or near enough to spend countless days on sea or ocean shores. I sat for hours watching the tides and wrote poems to the sea as a teenager.

The sea has taught me so much. About change, the restlessness and constant movement of this world, the rise and fall of all things, it's inevitability. The inexorable power and process of nature, always but always following the laws of cause and effect.

What is the sea teaching me now?

I often hear judgement and blame around climate change and the daily disasters already underway of species loss, devastated habitats, surging temperatures, homeless communities . . .

Is it our fault? Is humanity a failed experiment? What's wrong with us? Why can't we do more to change course?

The sea tells me a different tale.

It speaks of the way, of harmony, of cycles, the natural ebb and flow of all things. It wears away the jagged edges of frustration, anger and despair. It compassionately smoothes into a different way of seeing. It shows how everything is happening just as it should. That it couldn't possibly do otherwise. And that all is well. All is well.

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