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The Way

A month into the Camino. It feels like an immersion into nature and at times also into community life.

The many albergues, hostels, posadas, hotels and camping places around churches, hermitages and beaches offer either silence and solitude or rich social interactions. It's good to experience the contrasts between company and contemplation alone in nature.

I'm grateful to friends Giulia and Anna for opening their homes and hearts to pilgrims day after day and providing havens to all. And to the Spanish people who feed us, dropping bread and fruit, biscuits and chocolate and so much else into our bowls, keeping us well fed for long walks each day.

Lying on a grassy hilltop listening to the surf roaring below me, gentle ringing of cattle bells and lowing of mothers calling their calves, the birds nesting as the last light leaches from the western sky, this pilgrim is home, where the heart is, blessed by Camino and the letting go of everything but this, just this.

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