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Twists and turns along the Way

What is Camino?

Is it doggedly following the Way?

Or is it a constant opening to the reality of uncertainty?

Can we adapt, every moment, to the current conditions?

Surf the waves of change?

We have had a remarkable chance to explore the meaning of pilgrimage as dear friend Vicki, at the end of our day of walking in the rain on Sunday, slipped on a wet slope, dislocated her right ankle and broke her right leg.

Help soon arrived in the form of a nearby young couple, a crew of firefighters, two policemen, and two paramedics with ambulance. Vicki was strapped on a stretcher and lifted up the steps and we were whisked off to the local trauma hospital in Galdakao, a little further along the Camino.

Two days later, after surgery and recovery time, we were out and adapting with crutches and a wheelchair to a whole new Camino in Bilbao - meeting friend Kim from California and reconnecting with Ayyā Anopama - the four of us staying together in an apartment thanks to Kim's good friend Elan.

A time now to relax, wash clothes, do alms rounds in the city, visit the Guggenheim museum and enjoy friendship in beautiful Bilbao . . .

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