The Wise Gatekeeper

How to prioritise and maintain mindfulness 
at all times 
in all situations


How to be free from the unwholesome, evolve into the wholesome 
to let go of all the ties that bind us


How to relate skilfully 
to personal experience

Contemplating Fire

Exploring the Buddha's 
similes and teachings 
on fire

The Way of Joy

How happiness springs from letting go

The Power of Love

The benefits of cultivating 
loving kindness

The Good News, 
the Bad News 
the Truly Great News

How to make sense of this world 
and to blossom here


The Buddha's simile 
in Samyutta Nikaya 22.54
Seeds of consciousness 
planted in the earth of form
watered by desire 

Laying Down the Burden

What is this burden? 
How did it get here? 
Who is carrying it?
. . . 
How to put it down

From the 
Madding Crowd

How to practice the Buddha's teachings on solitude and seclusion

Poisonous Privilege

Teachings from the Buddha 
on the deathly danger 
of praise
honour and renown

Four Oceans of Tears

Four powerful images 
offered by the Buddha 

to demonstrate 
the beginningless and 
endless nature of samsara  

Patience is a Virtue

The noble virtue of patience
like a bridge 
over troubled waters

Simplicity in Diversity

How we experience the world 
and how the possibility of letting go of suffering exists for us 
in each mindful moment 

With reference to Samyutta Nikaya 14.7

The four foods
and how to relate to them

A careful look at this powerful teaching of the Buddha, A Child's Flesh

Samyutta Nikaya SN12.63.

Why Are We Here?

A teaching on Intentionality 
and the underlying causes of suffering

A Conversation 
about Samadhi

Sharing experience of Samadhi practice 
with fellow samanas, 
Ayya Sudhasso and Ayya Khemavamsi

The Many Forms 
of Conceit

A conversation on Mána 
with Ayya Khemavamsi Bhikkhuni

Simplicity and Renunciation

with Bhante Suddhaso

Being the Buddha Seeing the Dhamma

40 minute guided meditation 
followed by a Dhamma talk 
on The Four Noble truths

Cultivating Well Being on the Path

A mostly silent 40 minute meditation session with Dhamma talk ​ ​ 

Opening the heart to all experience, with kindness

Opening to the Timeless Dhamma

40 minute guided meditation, and Dhamma talk, 
Investigating the Five Khandhas, 
'five heaps', 
that constitute the world of experience.

Investigating the Buddha's Teachings on Mind Seeing Mind

On the Cittanupassana section of Satipatthana Sutta

Turning the Wheel of Dhamma

Exploring Dependent Co-Arising ​ How to relate to feelings in order to experience freedom from suffering

Investigating Feelings

Guided and silent meditation 
for 40 mins, 
followed by Dhamma talk 
on Vedananupassana, 
developing insight into feelings

The Cycle of 
Life and Death

The Buddha's encouragement 
to contemplate the cycle 
of birth and death 
in all its aspects.

Investigating the Body

Guided meditation and talk on the 31 body parts contemplation, for the development of dispassion


in all postures and activities

Wise Attention

Working with afflictive emotions 


the Source 
of Suffering

Letting Go

of imagination and mental proliferation

How to Recognize

the Foolish 
and the Wise 
Balapandita Sutta 

Making Peace

Donations towards Ayya's requisites 

of food, shelter, medicine and travel 

gratefully received


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