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Church Candles

Wisely Attending

to Every

Mindful Breath

50 minute guided meditation - how to wisely and kindly

direct our attention

Buddhist Monks Queuing for Meal

Welcoming Experience

45 minute guided meditation on the four aspects of our world, the 4 Satipatthanas,

with an encouragement

to kindly assess

and review the practice

at the end.

Starry Sky

Spacious Awareness

45 minute guided meditation . . . Making space to witness experience

 followed by a short talk on the teachings of Luang Por Ganha.

Meditating in Backyard

Grounding in Reality

45 minute guided meditation - investigating the flow of experience and developing

a taste for peace

Water Drops

Skilfully relating to feelings

45 min guided meditation encouraging being with feelings . . . how to sustain this practice and allow it to lead us towards freedom from all suffering

Abstract Water

Feeling the Feelings

45 min guided meditation to encourage mindfulness of feelings/vedana, to recognise that reactivity is optional and to grow equanimity to all experience


The Six Elements

Guided meditation contemplating the Six Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space and Consciousness - as direct experience

Anatomical Model

The 32 Parts of the Body

Guided meditation feeling out and contemplating the reality of this and all other bodies - to enable dispassion to develop, slowly but surely, leading the mind towards clarity and wisdom

Blue Skies

45 min Guided Meditation

Prepare to sit comfortably in a quiet space and . . .

Meditation session with guidance 40 mins

Followed by 10 min reflections on Samma Sati

Blue Water

40 min Guided Meditation followed by a talk on Anapanasati, breath awareness

40 minutes of guided and then silent meditation followed by a 40 min Dhamma talk on the first meditation instructions of Satipatthana Sutta [MN10], then brief Q&A/ Dhamma sharing 

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