The Benefits 

Exploring the meaning of Nibbidábahulasutta SN 22.146

Life Is Practice

Exploring MN 2, Sabbásava Sutta

How to relate to every aspect of our lives 

as practice for liberation

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Sutta Study

Aspects of Mindfulness 

Sutta Reading and discussion 
Vens. Dhammānusārī, Dhammavarā, and Dhammavihārī. 
Samyutta Nikaya 47.3 

Sutta Study

Yamaka Sutta

Where can we put our trust?

Samyutta Nikaya 22.85

Sutta Study


The Buddha's simile 
in Samyutta Nikaya 22.54
Seeds of consciousness 
planted in the earth of form
watered by desire 

Sutta Study

Anything that has a Beginning has an End

Sutta reflection for Magha Puja Day
recalling Sariputta's stream entry realisation

 Mahakhandaka 1.14.

Sutta Study
Anuruddha and 
the Great Thoughts

Investigating the teachings 
in Anguttara Nikaya 8.30

Sutta Study

The Seven Factors 
of Awakening

Continuing to explore 

Anapanasati Sutta MN 118 

looking at the development of the awakening factors through our meditation practice

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Sutta Study
Four Oceans of Tears

Discussing four powerful images offered by the Buddha 

to demonstrate the beginningless and endless nature of samsara  

Samyutta Nikaya Chapter 15.1-4

Sutta Study

The Beautiful Breath

An in depth exploration of the Buddha's teachings on breath awareness, anapanasati, looking at an excerpt from 

MN 118, Anapanasatisutta

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Sutta Study

Three Looks 
at Mindfulness 
and Clear Awareness

Exploring Satisampajanya 
with a sense of urgency

Sutta Study 

The Monkey Mind 

An encouragement 
to see how we can best relate 
to this changeable mind 

Samyutta Nikaya SN 12.61

Sutta Study

Why Are We Here?

On intentionality, 
and underlying compulsions

Samyutta Nikaya 12.38

Sutta Study 

An Unusual Interaction between the Buddha and the spirit Alavika 

A heartfelt enquiry into the ways in which we suffer and how to live a happy life

Samyutta Nikaya, 10.12

 Sutta Study 

Feelings Like Winds, Feelings like Guests

A teaching on the many causes of feelings, with a discussion on wise responsiveness to experience - whatever the causes may be

Sivakasutta, Samyutta Nikaya 36.21

Sutta Study 

The Buddha's Direct Teachings from the Hospital 

How to live is how to die 
Sato sampajāno kālaṁ āgameyya 
clearly and mindfully awaiting the time 

Samyutta Nikaya 36.7

Sutta Study 

The Simile of the Firesticks 

Exploring the teachings from the Buddha 

Samyutta Nikaya (SN) 36.10 

Sutta Study 

The Bottomless Abyss 
The Two Arrows 

Exploring Samyutta Nikaya Suttas 36.4 + 36.6

Sutta Study 

Exploring how to relate skilfully to the feeling world 

Looking together at 

Samyutta Nikaya Chapter 36, On Feelings, Suttas 3 & 4

Sutta Study 

Investigating the Buddha's Teachings on Feelings

 Looking at Samyutta Nikaya Chapter 36, on Feelings Suttas 1 + 2

 Sutta Study 

Desire, impermanence 
and feelings 

explored in relation to the 4 Satipatthanas 

Samyutta Nikaya, Satipatthana 
Chapter 47 
Suttas 37, 40 & 49

 Sutta Study 

In Sickness and In Health 

 leading into to a community exploration and sharing on how to practise when sick

Samyutta Nikaya 47.29 

Sutta study 

Two Parables 
from the Buddha 
at Sedaka 

and a conversation with Ananda at the Chicken Monastery near Patna

Samyutta Nikaya Chapter 47
Suttas 19, 20 + 21

Sutta Study 


on sickness 

Samyutta Nikaya SN 47.9 

Sutta Study 

on Beginner's Mind 

Samyutta Nikaya 47.4 

 Sutta Study 

The Exposition 
of Non-Conflict 

Part I

Majjhima Nikaya 139 

 Sutta Study 

The Exposition 
of Non-Conflict ​ 

Part II

Majjhima Nikaya 139 ​ 

 Sutta Study 

on the Mass of Suffering 

Mahadukkhakkhandha Sutta 

Majjhima Nikaya 13

 Sutta Study 

on the Mass of Suffering ​ 

​ Part II

Majjhima Nikaya 13 

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